21  July  2018

NGC4395 Galaxy


By Leo Shatz

NGC 4395 is a spiral galaxy with a very low surface brightness.
Unlike most galaxies the center of the galaxy is small and faint.
 Nearly all galaxies are known to contain a supermassive black hole in the center.
NGC 4395 has one of the smallest known such black holes.
 It is six times smaller than the one at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way.
The nucleus of NGC 4395 is active and the galaxy is classified as a Seyfert;
distance from Solar system is estimated at 14 million light years.
 Imaged at DSW obs, processed with PixInsight 1.8 and Photoshop CC.
 FSQ106/QSI683wsg/Paramount MyT
 L:70x900s, 7x1200s
 R:35x900s, G:34x900s, B:39x900s;  Ha:8x1800s


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