19 April 2015

Tears of Allah

By   Andrew Campbell
https://www.facebook.com/AndysAstropix )

NGC 3324 - (Part of the great Eta Carina Nebula) -with the the Gem Cluster
3 hrs 5mn Ha 15 min subs
5 hrs 5nm O3 15 min subs
3 hrs S2 15 min subs
Hubble palatte (sort of)
RGB stars - 2min exposures x 30 mins

Taken at LMDSS Dark Sky site - Heathcote, Vic, Australia.
William Optics FLT 110 TBM with focal reducer Flt110 w Reducer
QSI 683WSG-8 Lodestar OAG
Skywatcher NEQ6
Filters: astrodon 5nm NB filters NarrowBand Filters


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