27 April 2015

  The Pinwheel Galaxy - M101

By  Stefan Westphal
( www.astrofreunde-franken.de )

Location: Kreben/ Mittelfranken, Sülzetal/ SA
Date: 18., 20.03., 10.,12.04.15
Telescope: 10"Newton, 1200mm
Guiding: M-Gen and TS 9mm OAG
Camera: Atik 383L+ at -20°C
Expoure time: L(Ha+R)GB 342:240+126:126:126 ~16h
Calibration data: insg. 76Flats, 17Darks, 160Bias
Processing: Deep Sky Stacker, Fitswork4, Photoshop Cs6


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