02 June 2015

  Boogie Man and M78

By  Vincent Cheng
www.facebook.com/stardustvegabort )

Location:MeiZhou, CHINA
HHGB Composition

Camera : Astro60D (cooled at-14C)
Telescope/Lens : Takahashi FS-60C w 0.72 reducer (255mm f/4.2)
Filter : Astronomik 6nm Ha
ISO : 3200
Tracking Mount : VIXEN GP2 Photoguider w DEC motor
Autoguide : Philips webcam w PHD

Camera : CentralDS cooled 5D2 (cooled at-13C)
Telescope/Lens : Takahashi FSQ-85ED w 0.73x reducer (327mm f/3.8 )
Filter : none
ISO : 1600
Tracking Mount : Takahashi EM-11
Autoguide : SBIG STi

Total Exposure Time : Ha:10mins x 22frames, Color:5mins x 35frames
w Dark Frames, Bias Frames
process w PI, PS5


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