05 July 2015

    Supercluster of Galaxies in Hercules

By Juan Lozano  
( observatorioelche.blogspot.com.es )

Abell 2151 in Hercules. This is a supercluster of galaxies in the constellation Hercules about 500 million light years away.
 This supercluster is part of the so-called Great Wall , the second largest superstructure of the Universe is composed
of galaxies which includes the Hercules Supercluster The Coma Supercluster and the latter includes the Coma Cluster and Cluster Leo.

The Great Wall (astronomy ) was discovered in 1989 by Margaret Geller and John Huchra , using data from a survey of redshifts.
For photography I used a telescope Skywatcher MN190 on NEQ6 mount and a camera SBIG ST - 8300M with the following exposure times :
10 x 300 " RGB Bin 2
11 x 900 " L Bin 1
Total: 5.2 hours from semi - dark skies . Mag . 21.3.


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