15 July 2015


By    Jaspal Chadha
Jaspal Website )

Albireo views from a bright single point into a double star of amazing colors. At around 380 light years distant,
the two bright stars of Albireo are far from each other would take around 10,000 years to complete a single orbit.
 The brighter yellow/orange star is itself a binary star system.

With good focus and steady hands, 10x binoculars you will be able to view it.

Imaged from London (UK)
Date: 17/05/2015

Telescope: Altair Astro RC 250 with Focal Reducer
CCD camera~ QHY9SM
Filters: Baader
LRGB, 5 x 1 min each filter
Mount: Ioptron CEM60 ( Ungudied )


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