16 July 2015

  M13 Hercules Cluster

By     Frank Iwaszkiewicz
www.deep-sky-astroteam.de )

Location / Date:
Eggersdorf, GER / 21. February 2013 & 11./13./16. May 2015

Telescope / Lens:
10“ f/4 TS ONTC Newton
8" f/4 TS Imagin Newton

Celestron CGE GPS

Canon 1000 Da

Exposure time:
13x600" Astronomik L
20x30" Astronomik L
9x300" Astronomik RGB
16x600" Canon 1000Da RGB

Total exposure:
7,2 hours


M13 is one of the brightest gobular cluster on northern skies. A view through a telescope reveals hundred of
 thousands of stars which for a spectacular object. In a distance of 25,000 light years the stars of the cluster crowd to
 a region with a diameter of 150 light years. In the center of the cluster more than 100 stars can be located in a cube with a feed size
 of 3 light years.  For comparision the next neighbor of our sun is in a distance of 4 light years. The red and blue giant stars
of the cluster show up in yellowish and bluish colours.

Image recording:
Frank Iwaszkiewicz

Image processing:
Nico Geisler, Frank Iwaszkiewicz


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