20 July 2015

The Great Solar Filaments of May 2015  

  By     John O'Neal
www.flickr.com/photos/onealwebsite/ )

As NOAA never tires of reminding us, "SOLARACTIVITY was low today...." And while there wasn't a lot of solaractivity as
related to NOAA in May, the solaractivity from an observers standpoint was off the charts. I can't recall ever seeing so many huge,
 long lasting filaments in a month's time.

This image is a tribute to the filament ridden Sun of May, 2015. All the images in this collage were shot with a 102mm refractor
, A DAYSTAR QUARK, Chromosphere and a ZWOASI174mm mounted on a Losamndy G-11 from my backyard Observatory in Ohio.


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