23 July 2015

DWB111 - Propeller nebula  

  By    Sara Wager
www.swagastro.weebly.com )   

A faint emission nebula located in Cygnus. There is no information about the distance of this nebula.

This is a 2 pane mosaic so that all of the delicate dust is captured as well, using an Ha and OIII filter to create a bi colour image.

M: Avalon Linear Fast reverse
T: Takahashi FSQ85 0.73x
C: QSI690ws-g with 3nm Ha and OIII filter

Pane 1 - 11x1800s Ha, 10x1800s OIII
Pane 2 - 10x1800s, 9x1800s OIII

Totalling 20 hours of exposure time.


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