01 December 2015


By     Efrem Frigeni

Takahashi FSQ106EDXIII a f5
SBig STF8300M
Guide optic : Orion 400
Guide ccd : SBig St-i
Luminance: bin 1 - 15x600'' + 4x120'' in HDR
Crominance : bin 1 - 13x300'' x ogni canale RGB
Narrow band : bin 1 - 6x1200'' Ha 5nm

As a boy, whenever I reflect on the immensity of the universe and to cite Siderali distances, so that the image forms in my mind
 and just THIS. It Is A Light That about 2.5 million years ago and is released from the surface of the billions of stars of this galaxy and began to propagate through space.
A this point to try and make me an idea Having an anchor, I often reflect on fatto che in that era and in those days, in the evolution of our species,
he lived on earth What we call Australopithecus (a living Being Our Ben More ancestor similarity at a monkey What a What we are today).
That light Traveling by then (and symbolically that "our past") Today solo reaches the earth and Our eyes.
That everything that Our eyes And in the past, a Passed Away When you raise eyes to the sky and a Past close When we lower them.
I always make a great effort and no child ever been able to understand in depth What is perhaps an aspect of nature and simple and obvious.
That's why I'm deeply fascinated.
M31, a true jewel of our cosmos guarded From Princess Andromeda.
This image really me put it in the drawer 



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