27 January  2016

                       NGC7497 + MBM 50                       

 By          Álvaro Ibáñez Pérez
www.flickr.com/photos/kokehtz/ )

  NGC 7497 is a spiral galaxy, type SBc, in the constellation Pegasus. At a distance of about 59 million light-years,
the galaxy is viewed through the Integrated Flux Nebula (IFN). The residual light of our galaxy illuminates this faint nebula.

Telescope: TS115 Triplet APO Refractor @ 632mm focal lenght
Reducer: TS Optics 0,79x
Mount: NEQ6 Pro II Tuning Belts + EQMOD
Camera: CCD Atik 460EX mono + Baader LRGB + IDAS LPS in colour
Guiding: Lunático EZG-60 + SXLodestar
Focus: RoboFocus + FocusMax
Adquired with MaximDL
Stack and processing: PixInsight

L: 38x600s bin1 a -10ºC
R: 15x600s bin2 a -10ºC
G: 9x600s bin2 a -10ºC
B: 6x600s bin2 a -10ºC   



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