29 March  2016

      LDN673 - Dark Tendrils in Aquila 

 By       Rick Stevenson

  A dusty molecular cloud and star forming region about 600 light-years away from Earth.

Approximately 20 hours of LRGB data captured with a Takahashi FSQ-106 scope and KAF-8300 sensor from
 Ten Chain Hill in Queensland, Australia and Sierra Remote Observatory in California. Processed in PixInsight.

Full capture details are...

Taken at SRO California, July/August 2014 and Ten Chain Hill Queensland Australia, 2011

Scope: FSQ-106ED
Mount: Paramount ME/AP900
Camera: QSI683/H-18
Filters: Astrodon Gen II LRGB (1.25")
Guiding: QSI OAG + Lodestar
Image scale: 2.094 arcsec/pixel
Exposures: L: 19x600s + 6x900s, R: 11x600s + 2 x 900s, G: 17x600s + 2x900s, B:
15x600s + 2x900s (total 13.3 hours SRO, 7 hrs 10CH)


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