07 April  2016

     Jupiter 27-Dec-2015 

 By         Charles Triana
www.astroexplor.org )

2015/12/27 UT 08:54:24
SCT LX200UHTC 254mm + RGB Filters + ASI120MM @
RGB: 4601/5544/3839 frames @ 14 min
Charles Triana - AstroExplor Observatory - Colombia

This is an image of Jupiter at dawn on 27-Dec-2015, obtained over a period of 14 minutes, from 13,984 RGB frames under fair seeing and transparency.
 The quality is quite good, making it the best image obtained so far in this season.
In the CM of the planet the Oval BA is seen presenting a darker center ring and a lighter core, with a turbulence that precedes it, but not very extended,
 and dark spots in front and back. In these longitudes, the southern hemisphere is less chaotic than the northern hemisphere.
In the southern hemisphere, besides the BA oval and the white oval A5,
are observed two white ovals between SSTZ and SPR,
and an elongated brown spot. In the northern hemisphere, the NEB is darker and has an eye-shaped interesting
spot on his northern edge. It is interesting the alignment in four spots at the NPR.


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