15 April  2016


 By      Juan Lozano
http://observatorioelche.blogspot.com.es/ )

  This is the nebula M78 in the constellation Orion, is the brightest diffuse reflection nebula of a group of nebulae which includes NGC 2064, NGC 2067 and NGC 2071.
 M78 is easily visible in small telescopes as a fuzzy patch and includes two 10th magnitude stars that are responsible for the visible cloud of dust to reflect light.

To take the picture I used astrofoto setup at the following locations and times with the following statement:

Luminance, sky magnitude 21.8 SQM :
13 x 1800 " Binning 1

Chrominance, sky magnitude 21.2 SQM
6 x 900 "RGB Binning 2

Total 11 Hours of photography in very dark skies.


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