24  August  2016
   NGC4038 e NGC4039 Antenne  

 By     Cristina Cellini
www.cfm2004.altervista.org )

    4-7 may 2016
Location: San Romualdo - Ravenna (Italy)
Tecnosky 130ED F/7
Unguided images
CCD QSI 520wsi cooled -20
LRGB Baader CCD filters
LRGB: L: 99x3min, R 10x3min, G 10x3min, B 10x3min.
Acquired with: MaximDL5
Calibrated with Dark, Bias e Flat.
Processed with: MaximDL5, Astroart6, AstraImage5, StarTools1.4 and Paint Shop ProX7      


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