10  October  2016
                            Cocoon Nebula Deep Field                            

 By   Emil  Pera
www.psemil.blogspot.com )

Cocoon Nebula is an emission nebula / reflection in the constellation Cygnus. It is located at a distance of about 4000
light years from Earth and a star cluster at its center is the source of cosmic energy of the whole show. A blue reflection nebula and dark
nebula creates a kaleidoscope of colors. Has a size 15 light years in diameter and seen from the ground is dark nebula Barnard 168.
inseparable from dust and its surrounding cluster is projected westward forming a long tail of a few degrees. Behind it there are nebulae clouds
of hydrogen that become visible only after a very long exposure photography.
Due to light pollution pervasive in Europe, photographing nebulae with the brightness so small surface with each
 passing year becomes more difficult.

The initial plan in 2014 was to bring all catches of the places with the black sky accessible to me. However signal
 tightens seemed too heavy but rather than abandon the project, we extended the period of acquisition.
Thus the acquisition we did in 2014 and 2015 period where I did about 5000km to the best picture sky from us.
42.5 hours are 5 channels of which are Ha 29.5h.


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