11  October  2016
                            Snake Nebula (B72)                            

 By   Leandro Fornaziero
observatoriolupus.blogspot.com.br )

The Snake Nebula (also known as Barnard 72) is a dark nebula in the Ophiuchus constellation. It is a small but readily apparent
S-shaped dust lane that snakes out in front of the Milky Way star clouds from the north-north-west edge of the bowl of the Pipe Nebula.
Its thickness runs between 2′ and 3′ and runs around 6′ in the north-west / south-east orientation. A good view in a 4" to 6"
 telescope requires clear dark skies. It is part of the much larger Dark Horse Nebula.

Obj: B72-Snake Nebula
Telescope: Orion ED 80
CCD: ASI Camera 1600
Filter00: L-39X600""
Filter01: R-21X300""
Filter02: G-19X300""
Filter03: B-19X300""
Total frames / integration: 98 frames / 11,42 horas
RA  center: 17 23 54
DEC center: -23 35 24
SITE: LAT-23 00 52 LONG:-47 36 14


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