29  October  2016
                             SH2-112 in Bicolor                           

 By    Jens Zippel   
www.spaceimages.de )

Sharpless 112 (Sh2-112). The nebula near Deneb is surrounded by strong H-Alpha and [SII]
 gases in about 5.000 ly distance. I imaged 9 hrs. in narrowband and processed a bicolor image.

Exposure date: 25.08.2016, 26.08.2016, 29.08.2016
Ha: 15 x 1200 Sec., [OIII]: 12 X 1200 Sec., [SII]: 12 x 1200 Sec.
Telescope: 10'', F4 Newton without a name, 1000 mm
Filter: Astrodon H-Alpha 5nm, [O III] 3nm
Camera: Atik 460Exm
Guiding: Off Axis Guider, Lodestar
Mount: EQ8
Location: Bremen, Germany (yellow zone)


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