03  December  2016
                                                     Melotte 15                                      

 By     Jens Zippel
( www.spaceimages.de )

This image was taken the last two days at moon - therefore in narrowband. "Melotte 15" is located in the middle of IC 1805,
 better known as heart nebula. Together with the elephant trunc it is one of my favourite nebula structures in the northern hemisphere.

14.09.2016, 15.09.2016
Ha: 13 x 1800 Sec., [OIII]: 4 X 1800 Sec., [SII]: 4 x 1800 Sec., Sum: 10,5 hrs.
Telescope: 10'', F4 Newton witout a name, 1000 mm
Filter: Astrodon H-Alpha 5nm, [O III] 3nm, [SII] 3nm
Camera: Atik 460Exm
Guiding: Off Axis Guider, Lodestar
Mount: EQ8



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