01  January  2017
   The cosmic question mark  


 By      Paul C Swift
moonrocksastro.com )

The cosmic question mark panarama A turbulent ring of dust and gas frozen in time like some fossilized explosion,
 hovers motionless in Cepheus. A memory of a dying star spanning some 80 light-Years. 
Cederblad and the surrounding nebula clouds begin to emerge through the gloom of Valencia's urban skies.
This is a three panel mosaic revealing the cosmic question mark.
NGC 7822 can be found at the edge of a giant molecular cloud in Cepheus and lies approximately 3,000 light-years away from our home planet.
Imaging telescope: Vixen VSD 100 f/3 Imaging camera: 9.2mp Sony SX814 Mount:
Software Bisque Paramount MX Guiding telescope or lens: Vixen VSD 100 f/3 Filters: Chroma SII 3nm, Chroma OIII 3nm, Chroma Ha 3nm   Frames: 172x1800" Integration: 86.0



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