08  January  2017
   LDN 1246, LDN 1250 and LBN 558  


 By   Ginge Anvik
( flic.kr/s/aHsjouk69G )

This bright nebula LBN 558, containing dark nebulae LDN 1250 to the left and LDN 1246 to the right,
is situated in the northern part of Cepheus. To the left of LDN1250 is the spiral galaxy UGC 12160,
 approximately 84Mly away while PGC 166755, also a spiral galaxy ca 100Mly distant, can be seen slightly above the center of the image.

Optics: Epsilon 180ed 8" f/2.8
Camera: QSI 583wsg
Guider: Lodestar via OAG
Mount: EM-200 Temma 2m
Exposure: L=43x600s, R=13x600s, G=12x600s, B=8x600s +Darks, Flats
Total integration time: 13hrs
Filter: Astrodon LRGB Gen II
Captured with The Sky X,
Processed in Pixinsight
Shot from Bjarkebu Observatory near Ytre Enebakk/Norway on several dates in September and October 2016.



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