26  January  2017
       Multiple Solar Wavelength Comparison    


 By    John O'Neal

Here's a 4 panel mosaic, shot in my backyard Observatory, showing the similarities and subtle differences between various monochromatic wavelengths of Solar light.

All were shot with "Little Levi", a 102mm f/7.0 refractor on a Losmandy G-11 in a SKYSHED POD using a ZWOASI174mm CMOS Imaging camera.

The upper left image was shot with a Tele Vue Powermate (2140mm EFL) and the DAYSTAR FILTERS Calcium H QUARK.

The upper right image was shot with a DAYSTAR FILTERS Hydrogen Alpha QUARK Chromosphere, tuned offband. (3070mm EFL) I tuned the H-Alpha Quark off-band to closer resemble the features of NOAA AR2603 and enhance the comparison with the other filters.

The lower left image was shot with a BAADER Herschel Wedge and Continuum Filter at 2140mm EFL.

The lower right image was shot with a DAYSTAR FILTERS Sodium D QUARK. (3070mm EFL)



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