15  February  2017


 By     Tim Bruton

I call this little project "Wanderers".
Using a Canon 6D, Sigma 24-105mm Art, f4 & tripod, I captured an 84 degree diagonal view covering 5 constellations over 209 nights to show the movement of three planets.

Base image: 20 sec, f4, ISO 6400, @24mm
10 lights, 5 Bias, 5 darks, processed in Deep Sky Stacker

Each overlay image: 5 sec, f4, ISO 1000, @24mm
Masking of planets: Venus 12 pixels, Mars 10 pixels, Saturn 8 pixels
Processed in Photoshop.

Total nights: 209
Clear nights (including partial cloud): 92
Longest run of clear nights: 6
Longest run of overcast nights: 8
Number of full moons: 7

Melbourne, Australia.

Video at: https://vimeo.com/193224409

I hope you enjoy,
Rgs Tim.  



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