17  February  2017
                  Comets in conjunction                


 By     José J. Chambó
( cometografia.es )

Two new comets in approach to Sun casually concur into same field near Whirlpool Galaxy (M 51)
 in this image taken on December 1st, 2016. At the left bottom, the recently discovered C/2016 U1 (NEOWISE) shows a fuzzy
 and green coma due to its composing of ionized carbonic gas, while at upper right is the comet C/2015 V2 (Johnson) with very different
morphology, more dusty that gassy, shows a small and whitis coma from which departs a short tail of dust. Both comets could be observed
using binoculars in the future: NEOWISE at the end of this month of December before immerse into light of dawn, of which perhaps
will not come out because is possible the comet to disintegrate at approach to Sun; comet Johnson will reach its maximum brightness on next spring 2017.

Takahashi FSQ ED 106mm. f/5.0 & SBIG STL-11000M (L:3×180s bin1 + RGB:1x60s Bin2) from Mayhill, New Mexico (USA)



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