07  April  2017
   M33 Triangulum galaxy

 By    David Wills
( www.flickr.com/gp/nightcasper/68Q9C8 )
43 X 10 mins in Lum
9 x 10 mins in Red
6 x 10 mins in Green and Blue

Optics: Skywatcher Esprit 120

Camera: Xpress Trius SX-694 Mono Cooled to -15C

Image Scale: 1.07 Arcsec

Guiding: Altair 60mm Guide Scope, Lodestar X2

Filters: Baader LRGB

Mount: Avalon Linear Fast Reverse

Image Acquisition: Sequence Generator Pro

Stacking and Calibrating: Pixinsight

Processing: Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CC


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