16  April  2017
     NGC2070 - Tarantula Nebula

 By Carlos Soares   
( https://www.flickr.com/photos/uforias/ )

We have gathered a few Portuguese fellow astronomers to fund a Facebook group
called iTelescope Portugal. Each member contributes with a small amount of money
every month to use iTelescope remote telescopes, mainly in the southern hemisphere
as for the northern hemisphere each member has her/his own equipment. At the end of
an acquisition session the resulting data is distributed for each member of the group
and each one is responsible and has the respective copyright of her/his final work.

This image has been acquired remotely from Siding Spring in Australia using
iTelescope remote telescope 33. Details are as follow:
Telescope 33 - ASA 16" F/3.8 Fast Newtonian Astrograph
Mount: Paramount ME
Camera: Apogee Aspen CG16070 Class 1 CCD
Ha - 3x 600s Bin 1
L - 3x 600s Bin 1
RGB - 5x 300s Bin 2x2 per channel
Pre-processing and star reduction Astroart
Image processing Pixinsight 1.8
Channel mix and final adjustment: Photoshop CC



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