25  May  2017


  By   Maurizio Cabibbo
( http://www.astroinfinity.it ) 


Last image of the winter sky 2017.
  This is the area surrounding the famous "Cone" nebula (NGC2264)
 in the constellation of Monoceros.
 Image taken with Takahashi TOA130 f/7.7
 and ccd camera Sbig STL11000 on Losmandy G11 mount.
 Autoguider Orion SSAG on SW 70/500.
 Filters: Astronomik CLS CCD, Astrodon Ha 6nm, Astrodon RGB.
 LHRGB processing; 210:390:80:80:80.
 Software MaximDL5, PixInsight 1.8, PS CS5.
 Location Casole d'Elsa - Siena - Italy 



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