12  June  2017
  M31 with H-Alpha


By     Thomas Woellert
www.woellert.info )
    Optics: William Optics Megrez 72/432
Camera: Moravian G2-8300 Monochrome CCD
Focal length: 345mm through 0.8x Reducer (Field Flattener)
Filter: Astronomik LRGB Filter
Mount: Celestron CGE
Autoguiding: Off-Axis-Guider, Starlight Xpress Lodestar, PHD Guiding
Exposure: Overall: 12 hours, H-Alpha: 18x900sec (1x1 Binning), Luminance: 30x600 sec (1x1 Binning), RGB: á 10x300 sec (2x2 Binning), 50 Bias, per channel 10 Darks, 20 Flats
Post-processing: PixInsight v1.8
Location/Date: Wielenbach, Germany - 30. August till 08. September 2016 (LRGB) - 24. till 25. September 2016 (H-Alpha)



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