10  July  2017
  LDN-1622 - Bogeyman Nebula  

By     Matteo Collina
( www.cumsidus.com )

Hello, this is the first image of the 2017. LDN1622, as none as Bogeyman Nebula is close to the more famous M78 in the constellation of Orion.
It is a very weak dust so it need long exposure to bring out all the details.
 Technical data: LDN1622 Orion Constellation RA 05h 55m 09.658s DEC +02° 06' 02.991" QHY90A
Optolong LRGB Filters Takahashi FSQ106 - f/3.6 Avalon M-UNO
Avalon Merlino - Remote Observatory 21x15' L 6x15' R 8x30' G 10x30' B Total - 8.75h Sequence
 Generator Pro PHD Guiding PixInsight December 2016 Manciano Grosseto Italy


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