14  July  2017
  UGC 3574 

By    Markus Blauensteiner
( www.deeplook.astronomie.at )

UGC 3574 and its neighboor, UGC 3569, are two small spiral galaxies in constellation Lynx.
 UGC 3574 is discibed as a face on spiral galaxy, and it is about 63 Mio light years away.
UGC 3569 is classified as "Sdm" which means it has a small nucleus, and rudimentary spiral arms.
Picture taken at the Gahberg Observatory, Upper Austria, in December 2016.
Telescope: Lacerta Newtonian 10" f/4; Camera: Moravian G2-8300m Filter: Baader LRGB L 55x10 min, RGB 20x10 min each channel; total 19 h 10 min


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