22  July  2017
The Iris Nebula & LBN487


By Terry Hancock
( http://www.downunderobservatory.com/ )

Captured over 2 nights from the Grand Mesa Observatory Colorado, using a QHY367C

 Total Integration Time 5.93 Hours

 Captured May 28, 29 2017

 QHY367C Full Frame One Shot Color COLDMOS cooled to -20C

 Size: 7376 x 4938 pixels

 Pixel Size: 4.88um x 4.88um

 Total integration Time 120 minutes

 Gain 2850, Offset 76

 Darks and Flats no Bias

 178 x 120 sec @ 1x1

 Optics: Takahashi FSQ-130 @ F5.0 650mm

 Optolong Luminance Filter for IR Block

 Paramount ME German Equatorial Mount

 Image Acquisition Maxim DL

 Pre Processing Deep Sky Stacker

 Post Processing Pixinsight & CS6


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