27  July  2017
  Duelling Galaxies (NGC 5101 and NGC 5078) 

By Marcus Davies
( http://www.pbase.com/gailmarc/bellsobservatory )

Lying in the constellation of Hydra, the barred spiral galaxy NGC 5101 (left)
 and the edge on galaxy NGC 5078 (right) are about 90 million light years away.
 They are a mere 800,000 light years apart.
 IC 879 is a small companion galaxy below the edge on galaxy NGC 5078
 and is thought to be perturbing NGC 5078.
 There are many distant galaxies in the field.
 Camera: SBIG STL 11000M & STXL 11002M + AO.
 Telescope: Officina Stellare Pro RC360 @ F8.7
 Exposure: This is an 11 hour L(Ls)RGB exposure (270 (90), 105, 90, 105 minutes)
 using 10 and 15 minute subs.
 Minor cropping for stacking artefacts only.
 Average seeing was 2.5 arcseconds FWHM (Fair) over three nights of data acquisition.
 FOV is 39.2 x 25.6 arcmins @ 0.59 arcsec/pixel.



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