15 August  2017
  NGC 1499 California Nebula

By      Frank Iwaszkiewicz
www.deep-sky-astroteam.de )

Telescope/ Lens:
10" f/4 ONTC Newton, Eggersdorf/ GER, 03.+05.+21. December 2016
Celestron CGE GPS
Atik 383L+
Exposure time:
15x 1800" Astronomik Ha 6nm
17x 1800" Astronomik [SII] 12 nm
6x 300" Astronomik RGB each
Total exposure time:
17.5 hours
NGC1499 also known as California Nebula is an emission nebula in the constellation of Perseus in a distance of about 1000 light years.
This distance makes it the HII region that is closest to us. It's mass is about 240 times the mass of our sun.
 The star that makes it glow is the UV radiation of ξ Persei a O7 star with a luminance of 6300 suns.
NGC1499 got it's name because it bears a likeness to the shape of the US state of California.

Image processing:
Nico Geisler, Frank Iwaszkiewicz


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