28  August  2017
The Fireworks hits again

By Aleix Roig
( http://www.astrocat.info )

NGC 6946 is known as The Fireworks Galaxy due to its high rate of supernovae production.
 The 14th of may 2017 was discovered a new supernovae in one of its spiral arms.
 In this image we can see many Milky Way stars and, in the upper corner, the open cluster MGC 6939.
 Image taken from Prades (Catalunya) from 20th to 27th of May 2017.
 Telescope FSQ85, Mesu200 mount, ASI1600MM-Cooled camera, LRGB Baader filters.
 L: 31x200" 0 Gain -20ºC bin1
 RGB: 15x90" 0 Gain -20ºC bin2


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