07  September  2017
NGC7822 Region

By  Ron Brecher
astrodoc.ca )

NGC7822 is the brightest patch of nebulosity, below right of centre. It contains the small star cluster Berkeley 59, and is surrounded by the large nebula Sh2-171.

Moravian G3-16200 EC camera (on loan from O’Telescope), Optolong Ha, O3, R, G and B filters,
Takahashi FSQ-106 ED IV at f/3.6, Paramount MX, QHY5 guide camera, 175mm f.l. guide scope.
Acquisition with the SkyX, focused with FocusMax. All pre-processing and processing in PixInsight.
Acquired from my SkyShed in Guelph. Gibbous moon for Ha and O3, crescent moon for RGB, average transparency and seeing.

14x10m R, G and B; 12x20m Ha and 6x20m O3 unbinned frames (total=13hr).


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