06  October  2017
Dark Nebulas at Norma and Lupus

By    Eduardo Oliveira

This field between the constellations of Norma and Lupus shows several dark nebulae, the most prominent of them is Sandqvist 14,
just off-center (to the right) in the image. The image was taken on July 3rd during the IX EBA (Brazilian Astrophotography Meeting) at Fazenda São Paulo,
Padre Bernardo, Goiás, Brasil. The image is a joint work with Luiz Duczmal. We thank Jordan Patrick for helping with the post-processing of the image.
We also would like to thank Gilberto Rossi and his family for hosting us at his farm during the event.

Technical Data:

Imaging telescope or lens: Takahashi FS-60cb
Imaging camera: Canon 6D
Mount: Astro-Physics Mach1GTO
Focal reducer: Takahashi Reducer F/D 4.2 for FS-60
Software: Pixinsight,  O'Telescope BackyardEOS
Date: July, 3rd, 2016
Frames: 46x180" ISO800
Dark frames: ~80
Flat frames: ~18
Bias frames: ~80
Center RA: 242,454 degrees
Center DEC: -39,727 degrees
Pixel scale: 5,241 arcseg/pixel
Field radius: 4,739 degrees
Place: Fazenda São Paulo, Padre Bernardo, GO, Brazil


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