15  November  2017
  HFG1 and Abell 6 Planetary Nebulae


  By      Derek Santiago
( www.pbase.com/dsantiago/image/164236118 )

  This interesting field in Cassiopeia contains planetary nebulae HFG1 and smaller Abell 6. 
The extensive cometary trail, detailed in red H alpha, is thought to represent the interaction between the PN and the interstellar medium as it rapidly passes through.
Imaging Camera: QSI640wsg
Imaging Scope: Takahashi FSQ85ED@F/5.3
Mount: Avalon M-Uno
Filters: Astrodon 5nm Ha, 3nm OIII
Exposure: Six hours Ha, seven hours OIII,
Date: 10/5-10/6/16 Morristown, NJ


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