23  February  2018

Rosette Nebula in HST Palette


By Lior Spiegel

Rosette nebula and Satellite cluster.
 Version: Hubble Palette.
 Filter assigned: HA for green, OIII for blue, SII for red.
 Integration time: HA=8.5h (34x900s), OIII=4.5h (13x1200s), SII=4h (11x1200s). Total=16.5h subs.
 Calibration frames: Darks- 15x1200s, Bias- 30x1/4000s, Flats- 30x1.6s + 30x2s
 imaging sessions: 8
 Each session time: average of 1.5 - 3 hours.
 Total period of sessions time: over 2 month.
 Main scope: TMB130ss f/7
 Flatener: TSFlat2
 Imaging camera: Canon 450D Luis Campos monomod with TEC system.
 Filters: Baader NB 36mm unmounted + filter drawers.
 Guide scope and guide camera: WO GT81 f/5.9 + SX Lodestar.
 Mount: Losmandy G11 G2
 Imaging software:
 Camera control: Backyard EOS premium addition + dithering.
 Guide control: PHD2 v2.4.1
 Mount control: Ascom Gemini 2 v1.0.56.0
 Stacking images: Maxim DL5
 Post processing: PS CS6


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