28  February  2018

Supernova remnant CTA 1

By Rick Stevenson

A large but very dim target.
  70 hours of data.
 Thanks to Sakib Rasool for suggesting it as a target...
Maybe I did something to upset him and this was his revenge  ;-)
There's a bright planetary, NGC 40, at approximately 8 o'clock that's unrelated to the SNR.
 Captured at SRO, Apr-Dec, 2017
 Objects in image:
 CTA 1, NGC 40, PSR J0007+7303?
 Scope: Ceravolo C300 @ f/4.9 = 1470mm FL
 Mount: AP1100
 Camera: FLI PL16803
 Focuser: Atlas
 Filters: Astrodon
 Guiding: Lodestar II / Tak guide scope
 Image scale: 1.26 arcsec/pixel (Drizzled to double res)
 Exposures: 12x300s R, 9x300s G, 12x300s B, 64x1800s Ha, 70x1800 Oiii (69.75 hours)
 Processing: PixInsight 1.8.5
 Acquisition credit: Scott Johnson, Augusto Hernandez, John Kasianowicz,
Daniele Malleo, Jose Mtanous and Rick Stevenson
 Processing credit: Rick Stevenson


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