03  March  2018

High resolution monn with CFF185

By  Stefan Schimpf

Here is my moon mosaic from 06.March 2017.
Taken with the CFF185 at 1260mm focal length.
The camera was an ASI 290 mm
A total of 10 SER videos with a total of 120GB data volume were recorded.
For the terminator area, 5 videos were used with 4000 frames, of which the best 600 were staked.
For the brightly lit Mondrand 5 videos with 2000Frames used, 400 of them staked.
The recording took place with Firecature, the stacking with Autostakkert, the processing with PS3.
The image has 3220 × 4392 pixels, so it only comes out on a 4K or Wide Curved monitor.


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