04  April  2018

   IC5146 / Sh2-125 / Caldwell 19 - The Cocoon Nebula in Cygnus

By    Flavio Simeone

Telescope: Artec250 equipped with Televue Paracorr Type 2.
Focal ratio: native f/4, working at f/4.6.
Main camera: QSI683WSG-8.
Sensor temperature: -30 degC.
Filters: LRGB Astrodon Gen2
Imaging scale: 0.976 arcsec/px.
Guide camera: Starlight Xpress Lodestar (on the main camera).
Acquisition software: MaxIm.
Guide software: Phd2.
Guiding performance: not recorded.
Mount: AP900 GTO CP2.

- L: 21x450s (bin1)
- R: 5x600s + 2x900s (bin1)
- G: 3x600s + 2x900s (bin1)
- B: 3x600s + 2x900s (bin1)


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