09  April  2018

   NGC 1333 from 3 telescopes over 3 years

By   Rick Stevenson
rickstevenson.space )

NGC 1333 contains a delightful mix of blue reflection nebulosity, dark mysterious dust and red Hydrogen alpha emission.
 It is an active region of star formation and part of the nearby (approx 1,000 light-years) Perseus OB2 molecular cloud complex.
 It is rich in young stellar objects (YSOs) and Herbig-Haro objects. 
It contains many new stars, less than a million years old, that are hidden by dust and only visible in infrared.

The data for this image was captured from three different telescopes between 2015 and 2018.

Jim & Linda Powell's TEC160FL scope/STXL-16200 camera: captured at DSW, Jan to Mar 2018 (21.25 hours LRGB + Ha)
DSW RCOS 14.5" team/SBIG STX-16803 camera: captured at DSW, Oct 2017 to Jan 2018 (24.5 hours LRGB)
SRO Ceravolo 300/FLI PL16803 camera: captured at SRO, Nov-Dec 2015 (7.6 hours Lum & red only)

Acquisition credit: Jim & Linda Powell, John Kasianowicz, Daniele Malleo, Leonardo Orazi, Rob Pfile, Rick Stevenson and Jerry Yesavage.
Processing credit and copyright: Rick Stevenson


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