13  April  2018

   Sh2-98, Emission Nebula

By     Ron Brecher
astrodoc.ca )

Sh2-98 is one of the fainter members of the Sharpless catalogue.  However, there is scant information that is readily about it,
 so I can’t tell you just how faint it is.  It is big, with half the Moon’s diameter in the sky.  The cosmic donut is a molecular cloud with about 3000 times the Sun’s mass,
lying around 12,000 light years away.  Sh2-98 is lit up by the red star in the nebula, known as WR130.
 WR130 is a Wolf-Rayet star and emits lots of energy that blows a bubble in the surrounding gas. 
A more familiar example of this type of nebula is the Bubble Nebula.  
As a bonus, little red planetary nebula Henize1-4 glows at magnitude 10.5, just below the two bright stars to the upper right of the image. 

Acquisition in Maxim DL. All pre-processing and processing in PixInsight. Acquired from my SkyShed in Guelph, ON.
SBIG STL-11000 with Baader HaRGB filters. 10″ ASA @ f/6.8 on a Paramount MX. 
Guiding with SV-80 80 mm f/6 refractor and camera’s Remote Guide Head. Imaging runs were scripted using CCDCommander.
 Moon near first quarter for RGB data and near full for H-alpha. Transparency and seeing very good for R, G and B and excellent for H-alpha.

6x10m R, G and B; 23x20m Ha (total – 10hr40m)


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