23  May  2018
M45 - The Pleiades


By Richard Cardoe

  January 19th and 20th 2018, near Cambridge UK.
 4 hours 50 mins total exposure.  12 x 600s Luminance 1x1 (2 hours);
 11 x 300s Red 1x1 (55mins);  12 x 300s Green 1x1 (1 hours);   11 x 300s Blue 1x1 (55mins).
 Scope - Altair Astro Wave Series 115mm Refractor, Planostar 0.79x reduced to 642mm/F5.54.
 Sensor - Atik 383l+ Mono CCD + Baader Ha/OIII/SII filters. -20degC.;  Scale - 1.73 arcsec/pixel.
 Mount - Altair Astro Pier mounted iOptron CEM60.  Guiding - Lodestar X2 and SX OAG with PHD2.
 Sequence Generator Pro and PixInsight.



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