04  June  2018
   Messier 15


By     Peter Feltóti
( feltotiphotography.blogspot.hu )

Messier 15 globular cluster and currents of INF (integrated flux nebula) is pictured on this image. These two types of deep sky object are some of the most mysterious things. While  globular clusters are quite common yet the oldest creatures in Universe, their origins and their role in galactic evolution are still unclear. Integrated flux nebula is a relatively recently discovered phenomenon. These ghostly filaments of dust and gas are "above" the plane of Milky Way and illuminated by its integrated light. M15 is the oldest and the most dense known globular cluster hovering over the plain of the galaxy 33 600 light years from us in constellation Pegasus, where INF is also relatively dense. This field of view gives us a cross-section insight of the structure of our galaxy in three scales. The foreground stars in the plane, the INF above them and the Old Myterious Globe, a shiny jewel of our home galaxy.


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