06  June  2018
   NGC 3718, 3729, and Hickson Group 56


By    Philip Keyser
sirius-astrophotography.com )

Equipment/Acquisition Details:
Lum data was gathered form Marathon, TX under ~21.6 magnitude skies. RGB was gather at my house under ~20.7 manitude skies
Imaging Scope: William Optics GTF102 F/7.7 5-Element Apo Refractor
Imaging Camera: Starlight Xpress Trius-SX694 Mono CCD
Filter Wheel: Starlight Xpress Mini Filter Wheel w/ Integrated OAG
Filters: Astrodon Tru-Balance Gen 2 E-Series LRGB, Astrodon Tru-Balance 5nm Ha
Guide Camera: QHY5L-II
Mount: Paramount MX+, Orion Atlas EQ-G
Accessories/Software: QHY Polemaster, EQMOD, PHD2, Sequence Generator Pro, Pixinsight
Integration Details: 50x900sec L, 22x600sec R, 20x600sec G, 20x600sec B, TOTAL: 28 Hours
Darks: 30
Flats: 30
Bias: 200


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