12  July  2018
  M81 and M82 Bode's Nebula in L(R+HA)GB


By     Kayron Mercieca
( www.lightvortexastronomy.com )

All imaging took place at my remote observatory at e-EyE, Spain.

This image comprises 46 hours, 15 minutes of exposures in 315 exposures in total. LRGB exposures
were captured over 600 seconds and Hydrogen-Alpha exposures were captured over 900 seconds.

L (Short) = 50 x 60s
L (Long) = 100 x 600s
R = 50 x 600s
G = 50 x 600s
B = 50 x 600s
HA = 15 x 900s

The short exposure set of Luminance exposures were captured over 60 seconds in order to produce an HDR image in
 Luminance to preserve galaxy core detail. The Hydrogen-Alpha data was used to enhance the star formation region detail in the image's Red channel.

Equipment and software used:

Mount: Avalon M-Uno
Telescope: Takahashi FSQ-85ED
Camera: QSI 660wsg-8
Autoguider: Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2
Filters: Astrodon E-Series Gen2 LRGB and Hydrogen-Alpha 3nm
Capture Software: Sequence Generator Pro and PHD2
Processing Software: PixInsight


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