02 November 2018
SH2-155 Cave Nebula


By  Frank Iwaszkiewicz
www.deep-sky-astroteam.de )

Location/ Date:

Eggersdorf, GER/ 27.+ 28. May 2017, Liebenhof October 2011

Telescope/ Lens:

10" f/4 ONTC Newton, 8" f/4 TS Imaging Newton


Celestron CGE GPS


Atik 383L+, Canon 1000Da

Exposure time/ Filter:

15x 1800" Astronomik Ha 6nm

28x 600" DSLR data

Total exposure time:

12,1 hours


This picture shows the emission nebula SH2-155 which is also widely known as Cave Nebula. It is located in the constellation of Cepheus in a distance of about 2400 light-years. The cave nebula sprawls over 10 light-years. The visible bright ridge consists of ionized hydrogen and was arised from the radiation of hot stars of which the brightest is standing out to the left, slightly above the centre of the picture. This radiation is also causing collapsing cores deep inside the nebula and thus the formation of new stars.


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