24  January 2019
  Planet parade


By Andy Casely
( https://photos.app.goo.gl/AAaLiynTtZAdVnHN6 )

A view of the three southern oppositions in 2018, Jupiter, then Saturn, then Mars' perihelic opposition.
 One frame a month, each planet growing and shrinking as it approaches Earth in turn - Jupiter in early May, Saturn in June, and Mars in July. Shadows shift from pointing to the right early in the year, to pointing to the left after each planet reaches opposition.
 The closer the planet, the more dramatic the variation in size.
 As Mars gets big, the dust storm blankets the planet and after opposition, features gradually reappear.
Saturn shows bright polar storms, and Jupiter's belts and spots show lots of activity.
 All captured from Sydney with a C14 and ASI290MM camera, Astronomik RGB filters.
Captured with Firecapture, processed with AS!3 & Registax, derotation in WinJupos, minor finishing and composition in Photoshop.



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