06  February 2019
M31 and friends

By   Vlad  Dumitrescu

I had the time to put together this shot in two consecutive nights. I managed to gather 4 hours (12x600, 10x300, 10x180, 20x60, 20x30) worth of exposure and then spent some time processing. It is shot on my TSA102 with TOA/FS reducer flattener and modded 550D, everything on top of my Losmandy GM8. The equipment combo is so nice and i am always amazed about what the Tak can do. It is quite a trip, as you can zoom in and walk around there on the large Jpeg. My eyes sting now when looking at m31, so i ll be waiting a few weeks or months and the re-edit the shot. Enjoy!
Hires here: http://ibb.co/dsxsmk


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